Rajiv Patel is an eccentric young billionaire, heir to the Patel Group’s vast fortune. As an introvert and recluse, he has built himself a flat high on a sheer mountain in one of the remotest parts of the Himalayan Karakoram. But his dream of a secluded mountain retreat quickly turns into a dreadful nightmare when the shadows of his dark past come to haunt him. Bullied at his private school as a young child, unloved by his parents, in constant competition with his brothers, and depressed and withdrawn from a world alien to him, his deep-seated psychological problems come to the surface as his complex personality is increasingly torn apart by his inner demons. Will Rajiv be able to shed the disturbing memories of his childhood? Will he be able to overcome the soul-splitting psychological issues he has carried with him all his life? Or will the memories of his troubled past finally catch up with him? Find answers to these complex, disturbing, and intriguing questions in another gripping and chilling psychological thriller by the author of ‘The dream’, ‘Depravity’, ‘Pandemic’ and ‘The machine’.

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