Book 2 in the ‘Sebastian the teddy-bear’ children’s adventure fantasy series, a book for all ages.

Another epic adventure where toy animals come to life through the love of their human child hosts and where mysterious things happen in passageways hidden underneath towns and villages. In ‘The Viking curse’, Sebastian and his friends battle evil spectre Agnarok, an evil being from the Viking past who has come to wreak havoc in their little village. Agnarok is linked in mysterious ways to Viking boy Grindal who lived 1000 years ago. Will Sebastian and his friends find a way to defeat evil Agnarok? Will they help solve the mystery of the Viking ship found embedded in the mud of their estuary? How are Sebastian’s and Grindal’s fate intertwined, and how will Grindal’s adventures help solve the mystery of Agnarok’s evil powers?

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