Book 1 in the ‘Sebastian the teddy-bear’ children’s adventure fantasy series, a book for all ages.

When a number of children in a quiet coastal village start to fall ill without any recognisable cause, their concerned parents have no idea of what is going on in passageways below the ground. Helped by a few ‘initiated’ adults, including 12-year old Erik, the animagi – toys which have been given life through love from their human hosts – embark on an epic adventure which will take them into another world. Can witch Hexybilla and her team find the correct spells to open the portal to Animagana? Having learnt how to cure the sick children, can Sebastian, Teddy, Hagelik and their friends find their way back from Animagana and defeat evil Garglethroat and his henchmen? Will good triumph over evil or will the power of those who hold the ‘Book of Death’ triumph?

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