A gripping dystopian novel by the author of ‘The machine’, ‘Depravity’, ‘Meltdown’ and ‘The dream’.

The world is gripped by a deadly virus labelled by scientists as ‘Lethal Airborne Respiratory Disease’ (LARD 19). LARD 19 develops into the worst catastrophe that has befallen humanity since the 1918-1920 flu epidemic. The story is set in the imaginary village of Plymcombe on the south coast of Devon in the south-west of the UK. Plymcombe is used as a lens to show how a devastating pandemic such as LARD 19 can affect contemporary small communities and their vulnerable inhabitants, and how individuals from different backgrounds and walks of life cope – some better, some worse – in light of the unfolding disaster. The main characters in the story all struggle to cope with the effects LARD 19 has on them and their families in their struggle for survival, and their desperate, but ultimately vain, attempts to carry on with life as normal. None of the main protagonists know what course the pandemic will take in future, whether an effective vaccine will be developed and made available to everybody, or whether the lethal virus will flare up again in mutated form to wreak havoc in future.
As is often the case when societies face the ultimate challenge and begin to break down – be it through wars, natural catastrophes or pandemics – some individuals rise above others in their altruism and helpfulness, while other darker characters use and abuse the situation to further their own depraved needs and ambitions. Pandemic is, thus, both a story about contemporary humanity’s inability to cope with a global pandemic disaster, and a story about fear, anger, redemption, jealousy, love, murder, and despair – a warning that human life on planet Earth after a global viral pandemic is unlikely to be the same socially, economically and psychologically for a long time to come.

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