A gripping psychological thriller by the author of ‘Meltdown’, The dream’, and The machine’.

Psycho-therapist George Williamson struggles to help his patients and increasingly realises that he is himself embroiled in complex psychological problems as he attempts to deal with himself, his patients, and the world around him.

There are times for hard story-telling about touchy topics such as sexual misdeeds, religious biases and political prejudices. The result is a politically incorrect book that cynically and polemically broaches complicated and challenging topics such as sexism, religion, political bigotry, marriage, drug addiction, misguided masculinity, complex gender issues, dysfunctional relationships … you name it.

‘Depravity’ is, thus, a novel of intolerance and compassion, resilience and vulnerability, love and loss, with at its centre a flawed but, at times, sympathetic character whose life is rocked by actions and emotions often beyond his control. It is about power and relationships and hovers uncomfortably at the intersection between violence, desire and madness.
Reader, be aware, there is no safety net in this story. Proceed at your own peril.

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